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Preview night at The Burslem Boys

Video of opening night of The Burslem Boys show at Barewall gallery, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, on Friday, courtesy of Mark Finney. Some great work by John Shelton, Arthur Berry and Norman Cope, of whom much, much more on Mark’s site.

The shows runs till Saturday 27th.

The Burslem Boys

In connection with the paintings of John Shelton, I’ve linked already to the excellent blog maintained by Mark Finney, which has shedloads of fascinating stuff on Potteries painters Shelton, Arthur Berry and Norman Cope. I’ll just add quickly that anyone with four minutes of spare time could use it very well in watching Mark’s excellent trailer for the forthcoming exhibition of their work. In particular there are some wonderful drawings by Norman Cope, not yet seen elsewhere, that float tantalisingly by: