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Beyond the border: nostalgia for the Communist world

The other day I came across some long forgotten colour slides from a visit to the Soviet Union in 1967, and tried scanning half a dozen that I had snapped while wandering around the bleak streets of northern Leningrad. The colours didn’t scan well, but greyscale suits these, and I like the flyspeck wear and tear too. They sit quite nicely alongside an unfinished short story that I once attempted in response to a disturbing dream of Eastern bloc nostalgia. Images and a bit of text are on a page here, or via the “Beyond the border” tab at the top.

With the historical collapse of state communism, the world of these images became inaccessible. It can never be reconstructed. Nostalgia for it is then all the more acute and urgent, as if for some vanished childhood, when we were poor but secure. It has receded into an Audenesque landscape of the soul, forever fascinating and comforting in its drab otherness. It is the world of our common innocence.

God’s kitchen

Defaced poster, Wolverhampton, 2001


Photos of a fetish sculpture, Africa Gallery, British Museum

The delirium of decay

Photos of stonework at Lindisfarne Abbey

Homage to Vesalius

photos of waxworks taken at the Museo La Specola, Florence


photos taken in Amsterdam 2007

second hand danger

photos taken in Wolverhampton in 2001