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The ghost of Lou Reed

Rediscovered this in an old folder this morning – a drawing in red biro from about 1972 by my good friend at the time, Teresa Loftus, who I have not seen for many years.

The face at the right is definitely meant for Lou Reed, the Velvets being large then in the soundtrack of our lives. The character at the left in the loopy hat was one she drew repeatedly at the time. She was much admiring of Paul Klee, and heavily into cross-hatching. What the little shapes along the bottom are, I’ve no idea. Dogs?

I don’t keep up with Lou much these last few years. Lulu? Pass. Maybe later. The Raven? Major turkey.

But anyway, there we are. A flickering transmission from the Satellite of Love …

John Kashdan, monotypes and the Two Roberts

Butterfly Catcher, 1946

My page on the Two Roberts, painters Colquhoun and MacBryde, has been further embellished by a note on John Kashdan, the man who put the monotype in British modernism, a fine painter, and one whose work shared much, in both style and content, with that of the Dynamic Duo. Click here for the page, or use the tab up top, but you’ll need to scroll way down. The more I look at this, the more it seems that the circle of the Roberts in reality constituted something of a post-war movement, distinctively British but informed by European modernism and quite apart from the more literary neo-romanticism of Michael Ayrton etc, that might under other circumstances have challenged and withstood the tide of abstract expressionism.