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More following of the Roberts

The Two Roberts page has been further embellished by another of their followers, the neglected but interesting David Carr. (Go here or via the tab up top, and scroll right down to the bottom.) The influence on Carr of Prunella Clough has long been acknowledged, but the effect on his work of the Roberts seems significant to me.

I like Carr’s stuff. Even when it doesn’t quite come off, he’s always pushing for something rather edgy, which you just have to admire. A real one-off.

rescuing Lawrence Atkinson

Lawrence Atkinson is one of the forgotten Vorticists. In particular, his sculptures should be rescued from an undeserved neglect. Some time ago I started a study of the painter Merlyn Evans (1910-73), with a view to showing the extent of his debt to Wyndham Lewis. In the process, I found that the young Evans had been particularly motivated by his encounter with Atkinson’s sculpture, extending the thread of Vorticist influence to the mid-twentieth century. Consideration of Atkinson in this context grew into a piece in its own right, which I have posted on a page here: “Lawrence Atkinson – Vorticist after Vorticism”. Find the tab above or click here.

There’s a box of stuff on Atkinson in the Tate Britain archives, which I have yet to trawl through. Meanwhile, this will have to do.