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Transport for London demolishes Paolozzi murals

The news has just come through from artlyst that Transport for London and architects Hawkins Brown have gone ahead with the demolition of several of the wonderful Paolozzi murals at the Tottenham Court Road tube re-build, despite massive opposition and the attempted intervention of the 20th Century Society. Beggars belief. When will these clowns realise that art in the public domain is a public asset and not their private toy?

TFL Demolishes £100,000 Eduardo Paolozzi Mosaic Arches At Tottenham Court Station - ArtLyst Article image

Read about it at artlyst here.

2 responses to “Transport for London demolishes Paolozzi murals

  1. Jason Preater February 7, 2015 at 6:01 am

    Hmm, OK, but they are just not that good, are they? I really dislike the idea that we would get all hung up about making changes just because it will modify the work of a celebrity artist. Turning a “pop” artist into a national treasure is kind of ridiculous.

  2. Anna Kashdan February 7, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    Both can and should happen! Both changes to Tottenham Court Road Tube and preserving Paolozzi murals would be funded by us the public as was presumably, the original commission to Paolozzi to do them. Again we need to be fully informed,consulted and involved in things that are our assets. I personally loved these public works of art, most relevant because they are not stuck in some gallery but out where everybody can see them everyday as part of their lives or when they want.

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