Richard Warren

"Clearly I tap to you clearly along the plumbing of the world" (W S Graham)

Tango with cows

petit journal 2Aha! Always gratifying when a nice synchronicity pops up. My last post admired the one-off proto-modernist mag Le Petit Journal des Refusées,  produced by the humourist Gelett Burgess in 1896 in San Francisco on irregularly shaped pages of wallpaper.

Grubbing about on the net for something else entirely, I now discover these –  Tango s Korovami (Tango with Cows) and Nagoy Sredi Odyetikh (Naked among the Clad), produced by Vasily Kamensky, with the Burliuk Brothers and Andrei Kravstov respectively, in 1914 in Moscow on irregularly shaped pages of wallpaper. (Excellent titles, both!)

tango with cowsnaked among the cladTango with Cows ? It’s remarkable that Burgess was best known for his nonsense poem “The Purple Cow”. Scarcely credible that Kamensky would have had sight of Le Petit Journal, so one is obliged to attribute all this joyful similarity to something floating telepathically in the vital creative flux of the era.

Cubo-futurist ferro-concrete poetry, anyone?

More herehere and elsewhere …


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