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The Hostility of the Luminarist: some collages by Peter Hatton

One or two people have said how much they liked the late ‘seventies collages by Wakefield artist and film maker Peter Hatton in my last but one post, which chronicled artists behaving badly. So here are some more. Shamefully, these are all I can find, and they are not originals but photocopies that Peter sent to me at the time, paper creases included. The three slightly Max Ernst-ish pieces and the Hostility series were shown at the Breadline Gallery, Rodley, Leeds in 1979. On the copy of The Patient (my favourite) Pete noted: “This one sold to Trevor who sold it to someone else.”  Trevor being Trevor Whetstone, Breadline’s owner and much loved local art hero. The four concluding Burroughsian photo-collages, to my mind, hesitate to interfere with the found texts and images as forcefully as they might, but what the heck – they still carry some weight.

Hardly representative of a lifetime’s work, but better than nothing.

Click the thumbnails for bigger images.

The Patient

The Patient



The Surgeon

The Surgeon

Hostility  series

Hostility series

 hostility 2  hostility 3  hostility 4
 photocollage 1  photocollage 2  photocollage 4
 photocollage 3

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