Richard Warren

20thc British art and poetry (mainly), plus bits of my own – "Clearly I tap to you clearly along the plumbing of the world" (W S Graham)

My own devices

Nuther pome flung upon the arrogant atmosphere (audio link below,  can’t seem to embed it somehow) …

My own devices

These bent and breaking implements you see around me
are my own devices, and I have been left to them.
Now pitted and spotted, puckered by astringency,
they curl like snippets of accumulating hair.

A paper thin intention flutters, colonised by ants.
Nearby, a positive expression looking a bit the worse for wear.
There, a remaindered ambition corroded by arrogance,
and some act of forgiveness, scheduled for a later year.

Now, yet again, is the time for intervention –
now, the portentous moment you should come to me,
when I should make the customary, elaborated invocation –
but you are already here.

Pull up a cushion, push aside that wreckage, sit with me.
Don’t speak. It isn’t necessary. There’s not a thing
you can say to improve the situation, nothing
I particularly want to hear.

Come close. Just muddle down among the nonsense.
Let us be aimless, free to sit and hum and stare. You will dispel
my anxiety purely by virtue of your accompaniment.
Your huddled symmetry will dissipate my fear.


Copyright my good self etc etc


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