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A calavera of Lampião and Maria Bonita

More skellingtons. On the back of recent viewings of Glauber Rocha’s new wave political westerns, Black God White Devil and Antonio das Mortes, I’ve amused myself in making a drawing of the legendary Lampião, most notorious of the Brazilian cangaçeiros, and his companion until death, Maria Bonita, who were killed by the police and beheaded in 1938. (I last watched Rocha’s films in 1969, and they’re both every bit as good as I remember.) There’s an exhaustive amount of information on the net about this era of unpleasantly violent social banditry – the recommendable Lampião Aceso blog, for instance, albeit in Portugese, has more than you’d ever want to know. The cangaçeiros wore absolutely the best hats ever. It seemed appropriate to do the pair as a calavera. I know the calavera is a Mexican form, but what the heck …

One response to “A calavera of Lampião and Maria Bonita

  1. Tim Sparks May 23, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    Beautiful! A unique hybrid…Lampiao does
    parallel the Mexican Revolutions and Muralists.

    I’m a big fan of Posada!

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