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Wyndham Lewis on ShagTree

Amazing what Google can throw up. And what some “entertainment” sites can generate. While trawling for references to Vorticist artist Helen Saunders (see previous post), I was delighted to find that Wyndham Lewis has his own page on, a site (for people who need to get out more often) that documents “celebrity relationships and dating details” in six degrees of separation (though separation may be the wrong term here), with particular reference to drug habits and STD’s. Lewis’s page gives options for Helen Saunders (as shown below) whom he certainly was knocking off, Kate Lechmere (ditto), Beatrice Hastings (ditto) and Jessie Dismorr (not as far as I know). The list could be considerably extended over a longer time frame, I imagine.

The automatically selected small ads (“Want to meet mature singles?”, “shocking free horoscope”) seem apposite enough, though I’m not so sure about the offers of tree surgeons in Maidenhead, Luton or Stevenage. Well, Maidenhead maybe …

Also, they haven’t quite got Lewis’s age right for the time of this liaison.

2 responses to “Wyndham Lewis on ShagTree

  1. Brigid Peppin January 2, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    Saunders / Lewis? Maybe…. maybe not!


    • Paul Edwards February 7, 2016 at 12:56 pm

      Biddy–it was your duty to posterity to find out!

      Don’t forget Alick Schepeler, by the way. Lewis modelled Anastasya Vasek in “Tarr” on her. Lovely drawings of her by another of her lovers, Augustus John.

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