Richard Warren

"Clearly I tap to you clearly along the plumbing of the world" (W S Graham)

a history of my short life as a poet (so far), part 2: “like Rudyard Kipling on crack”

Recently happened across a review in Sphinx 11, 2009, of one of my first pamphlets of poems, Dead Cat Bounce. I’d clean forgotten I’d sent this in. Two years isn’t a long time, but it seems a long time since I wrote these. Reading the reviews felt compulsive but cringeworthy, like seeing an old photo of yourself in a crap haircut.

Three reviewers, two anti and one pro. At this distance, I’m inclined to side with the anti’s, but I do appreciate the positive comments. In fact, I appreciate anyone taking the time and trouble to review my stuff. Thank you, Sphinx. And, it’s something more to plunder for quotes to fill up the poetic CV. I chose these:

“Is Warren advocating revolution, or just having a good old moan?

I’d much rather read … any new poem by … Carol Ann Duffy.”

Karin Koller

“Unfortunately, Warren isn’t quite there yet.”

David Floyd

“Like Rudyard Kipling on crack.

Though not every line is a pearl, his insights are as good as his ear … In places, his social commentary is as trenchant as W.S. Gilbert’s, and I mean that as a very high compliment.”

Marcia Menter

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